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It was a late spring with the cold lasting longer than usual. The turtles took a bit more time to come out of their slumber, but now they are busy making the long walk across busy roads to lay their eggs. Thankfully on our end of the city we have Alimagnet park and an abundance of water sources for the turtles to hang out in since the defunct nearby golf course and its man made ponds are now under development. It's really sad to drive by and see all the trees being removed and a few dead turtles flattened while trying to make the journey to their nesting spots. Alimagnet is a safe haven for turtles that are struggling to survive. 

Sadly the state of Minnesota still allows commercial turtle harvesting and the number of turtles continues to decline so keeping our parks as natural as possible is essential if we want them to have a safe space to breed and lay eggs. 

The best time to see turtles in Alimagnet park is shortly after the sun has risen in the morning warming the ground. You can find the turtles crossing the paved entry points into the park or sunning themselves on rocks or logs on the edge of the lake. 

To learn more about Minnesota turtles go HERE and HERE

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