About Me

 Hello, my name is Michelle.

Alimagnet Park has been my backyard for 15 years and I created this blog to share the natural beauty and biodiversity the park has to offer. 

Alimagnet is a little known gem on the border of Apple Valley and Burnsville. It is home to a variety of wildlife such as coyote, deer, fox, raccoon, turtles, snakes, birds... you name it, the park has nearly all of it, thanks to a number of ponds, native plants, and a large lake. 

There are several activities to be enjoyed within the park which include biking, hiking, nature watching, fishing, canoeing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, sliding, and frisbee golf. 

My hope is this website will help foster an appreciation and respect for the wildlife that visits or resides within the park and encourage those when they visit to make a spiritual connection with all that surrounds them. 

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